Facilitating Behavioural Changes at Work

The ability to facilitate change is a vital skill for all managers, as without change your organisation cannot grow, improve practices and thrive. When planning and orchestrating any changes at work, it is essential that the proposed change is framed positively and that employees are given the tools and information they need to cope. Even […]

6 Horrible Hiring Mistakes & How to Avoid them!

Hiring mistakes can be extremely costly for organisations of all sizes. Recruiting new staff comes at a considerable cost in terms of both time and money, with some studies suggesting bad hiring decisions can cost an organisation between 20 and 30 percent of an employee’s annual salary. An awareness of common pitfalls will help you […]

Hiring Happy Employees (Boost Morale & Productivity!)

Boosting employee happiness is one of the most effective ways for an employer to maximise productivity, reduce absenteeism, attract talent and create a compelling employee brand for their business. Traditionally, organisations have sought to improve output among their workforce by focusing on material rewards such as pay rises, bonuses or other employee benefits to incentivise […]